Kedron Valley Stables

Kedron Valley Stables

Stabling and Boarding



Scheduled Day Turn-out
Once a Day Stall Cleaning
Up to 8 quarts of grain a day
Consistent Renewal of Hay and Water
Personal Attention and Regard for Special Needs of the Horse
New Rates as of November 1, 2018

Monthly $700.00
Monthly Winter Board Rates $800.00
Monthly training (additional) $360.00

*All boarding accounts must be paid in advance.


Once a Day Stall Cleaning
Consistent Renewal Water
Will Not include Grain or Hay
Turn-out Will depend on availability

Daily $30.00
Daily GMHA Events $35.00


Indoor Riding Arena

80′ x 144′ with lights and dry footing truck in for uses

With your own horse, per hour, per horse $30.00

Daily rate 300.00 Per day